Spare Parts

We are proudly providing cutting-edge fitting accessories including Fitting, Tubing, Valve, Accessories with world best technology in Korea as below.

Twist Lock Straight
Equal Elbow
Equal Straight
Equal Tee
Stem Elbow
Rigid Elbow
Bulkhead Connector
Screw Bulkhead Connector
Reducing Elbow
Reducing Straight
Reducing Tee
Female Adaptor
Stem Adaptor
Straight Adaptor
Male Connector
3 Way Connector
Y Fitting
105 40mm Elbow
U Connector
Cross Connector
End Fitting
End Plug
Nipple Adaptor
Check Valve
Flow Control Valve
Drain Valve Hose
LLDPE Tubing 1/2"
LLDPE Tubing 1/4"
LLDPE Tubing 3/8"
Twin Tubing
Single Tubing
Tube Bending
Locking Grip
Fitting Spanner
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