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OrangeFilter and KWF is new brands of the company which is distributing water filter products especially made in Republic of Korea including water filter for fridges and water purifiers. The company is distributing branded water filters as well as custom made water filters such as carbon block filter, PE sediment filter, compound filter using manufacturing technologies of compressed carbon block filter exclusively in Republic of Korea.

We are doing our best for quality innovation and R&D in turn for our customers favor with the manufacturing partners in Korea. The company is performing various activities of raising corporate value to cope with challenges. In line with the movement, we set up a vision of Green growth, preparing the base of sustainable growth, established sustainable energy evaluation and carbon management system, making efforts to reduce carbon usage and place ourselves strongly as an environment-friendly corporation, removing factors that have bad influences.


We will mainly focus on the improvement of human life through the improvement of drinking water with our cutting-edge technology for water filter.

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